5 Points To Look For In Your Nursing Watch


One of the noblest professions that has a direct effect on reducing the sufferings of fellow human beings is Nursing. Members of this time-honored profession are lucky enough to do that on a daily basis. The important role that they play for the betterment of human civilization is beyond any doubt. Naturally, nurses are one of the most respected persons in society.

The best watches for nurses requires some careful considerations as well as some topics that need to be taken care of. These things include:

1. Analog...or digital?

Nurses are divided on this question. Some nurses prefer analog watches. There are reasons behind that. Analog watches are great to count the minutes and take care of the vital signs. On the other hand, digital watches would give you the military clock systems.

2. Backlight:
If the lights are out in the patient’s room, you might find it difficult to see time. But with backlight that most digital watches have, you can see the time even without any light.

3. Price:
The price of the watches is also essential. They can be easily soiled or broken. An inexpensive one would be helpful; fancy watches are not good. So it is best to choose one that you can replace if lost or broken.

4. Watches should be easy to clean as well as water-resistant. If it is not water-resistant, then it might get destroyed quickly.

5. Nurses usually work long shits and often it is more than the traditional eight hours. So it should be lightweight.

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